By Louis Marak
Zen masters use koans, paradoxical anecdotes or riddles without solutions, in the training of monks to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning in the pursuit of enlightenment. The objects that I make are similar to koans in that they present illogical, nonsensical visual riddles without reasonable conclusions.

Paradox has always been a fundamental aspect of my work. Things inconsistent or contradictory to common experience fascinate me. I find the juxtaposition of images, objects, and words in unusual or unexpected ways intriguing. Containers, containment, and the incorporation of everyday objects are also recurring themes.

My work is three-dimensional in form and attempts to sculpturally integrate real and illusionary space through illusionism and distortion. It is intended to modify reality and encourage viewers to make connections between illogical or unrelated components. The work should be contemplated and experienced rather than read and interpreted. It is intended to pose questions rather than provide answers and to prompt visual and intellectual interaction as well as stimulate the imagination.

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